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Memory Concerns Presage Cognitive Decline and Aβ Pathology

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-09-27 Research News A perceived slip in memory could signal future cognitive decline, suggests a paper in the October 7 Neurology. Researchers led by Richard Kryscio, University of Kentucky, Lexington, found that ostensibly normal volunteers who reported a ...

Does TDP-43 Oligomerize and Coax Aβ to Do the Same?

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-09-27 Research News TDP-43 self-assembles into oligomers that are able to recruit Aβ to form oligomers of its own, claims a paper in the September 12 Nature Communications. Using a new TDP-43 oligomer antibody, the authors report binding in postmortem brain ...

Neuron-Protecting P7C3 Compounds Take Steps Toward the Clinic

RESEARCH NEWS 2014-09-26 Research News Scientists have deduced the mode of action for a powerful neuroprotective drug class and are now trying to develop a compound into a therapy. On September 11, collaborators from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, ...

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