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APPSwe (line C3-3)

Synonyms: APP(695)Swe


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Species: Mouse
Genes: APP
Mutations: APP KM670/671NL (Swedish)
Modification: APP: Transgenic
Disease Relevance: Alzheimer's Disease
Strain Name: C3B6-Tg(APP695)3Dbo/Mmjax
Genetic Background: C3H/HeJ x C57BL/6J; backcrossed to C57BL/6J
Availability: The Jackson Lab; available through the JAX MMRRC: Stock# 034828; Cryopreserved


These transgenic mice express a chimeric mouse/human APP carrying the Swedish mutation under the control of the mouse prion protein promoter. This line, C3-3, was generated in parallel with line E1-2 which also expresses APP carrying the Swedish mutation. Mice that are hemizygous for the transgene are viable and fertile and express mutant human APP at levels about 3x higher than endogenous mouse APP. They develop elevated Aβ levels with age and develop amyloid deposits in brain tissue by 18-20 months of age, but do not develop impairment in working or reference memory (Savonenko et al., 2003).

This model was previously available through The Jackson Lab as Stock# 003375.

Modification Details

Transgene is a chimeric mouse/human APP (isoform 695) with a "humanized" Aβ domain and the Swedish mutation under the control of the mouse prion protein promoter.

Related Strains

B6.Cg-Tg(APP695)3Dbo Tg(PSEN1dE9)S9Dbo/Mmjax (see APPSwe/PSEN1dE9)
The Jackson Lab: the JAX MMRRC Stock# 034833 (formerly The Jackson Lab Stock# 005866)

B6C3-Tg(APP695)3Dbo Tg(PSEN1)5Dbo/J (see APPSwe/PSEN1(A246E)
The Jackson Lab: Stock# 003378


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