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  1. Gerry Fischbach on Localization of transglutaminase in hippocampal neurons: implications for Alzheimer's disease.
  2. Hiroshi Mori on Acute application of human amylin, unlike beta-amyloid peptides, kills undifferentiated PC12 cells by apoptosis.
  3. Hiroshi Mori on Par-4 is a mediator of neuronal degeneration associated with the pathogenesis of Alzheimer disease.
  4. John Olney on Protein nitration in Parkinson's disease.
  5. Hiroshi Mori on Alpha-2 macroglobulin is genetically associated with Alzheimer disease.
  6. John Hardy on Incidence of dementia and Alzheimer disease in 2 communities: Yoruba residing in Ibadan, Nigeria, and African Americans residing in Indianapolis, Indiana.
  7. Nikolaos K. Robakis on Melatonin protects hippocampal neurons in vivo against kainic acid-induced damage in mice.
  8. Hiroshi Mori on Isolation of single immunohistochemically identified whole neuronal cell bodies from post-mortem human brain for simultaneous analysis of multiple gene expression.
  9. Eddie Koo on Volumetric MRI study of the caudate nucleus in patients with dementia with Lewy bodies, Alzheimer's disease, and vascular dementia.
  10. Nikolaos K. Robakis on Carnosine, a protective, anti-ageing peptide?
  11. Paul Coleman on Perspectives in clinical Alzheimer's disease research and the development of antidementia drugs.
  12. Benjamin Wolozin on Substitution of a glycogen synthase kinase-3beta phosphorylation site in presenilin 1 separates presenilin function from beta-catenin signaling.
  13. Hiroshi Mori on Expression profiles of multiple genes in single neurons of Alzheimer's disease.
  14. Benjamin Wolozin on Alzheimer's beta-secretase, beta-site amyloid precursor protein-cleaving enzyme, is responsible for cleavage secretion of a Golgi-resident sialyltransferase.
  15. Hiroshi Mori on Structural analysis of Alzheimer's beta(1-40) amyloid: protofilament assembly of tubular fibrils.